Miniature Arsenal and Caracal: a contemporary partnership (EN, original)Miniature Arsenal and Caracal: a contemporary partnership (EN, original)

Miniature Arsenal, the Russian miniature weapons manufacturer, announces the launch of the first modern semiautomatic pistol reproduction at IWA 2010: the Caracal F, scale 1:2.

The first lot of 20 miniature pieces of the world famous polymer frame pistol made in the United Arab Emirates will be unveiled on Friday, March the 12th, on the opening day of IWA 2010 in Nurnberg, at the Miniature Arsenal booth 1-519.

“We are absolutely thrilled of the Caracal F 1:2 launch at the IWA declared Mr. Dimitry Streshinsky, CEO and founder of the Moscow-based company. “This amazing miniature pistol, which is the very first example of a hammerless, polymer frame modern miniature replica, is the result of the immediate acceptance of cooperation by the management of Caracal International of Abu Dhabi added Mr. Streshinsky.

“It is our true pride to be able to show to other gun manufacturers what we are able to do in the field of miniaturization and rapid prototyping continued the CEO of Miniature Arsenal “as truly there is no limit in what we can do and at a quite unbelievable pace concluded Mr. Streshinsky.

The Caracal F — 1:2 scale is available for orders from March 15th, 2010 and like all other miniatures of the Miniature Arsenal Collection, has been declared for free sale and ownership to the general public by a number of European countries.

None of the Miniature Arsenal reproductions are in fact considered firearms, as no commercial ammunition exists for the replicas.

Miniature Arsenal and Caracal: a contemporary partnership (EN, original)
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